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Meet the Team: Meet the Team


Michelle Drayton Therapist


Michelle G. Drayton, MA, NCC, LPC/S BH-TMH

Emerge Essentials, LLC

Licensed Professional Counselor/ Supervisor, Board Certified Telemental Health, Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP), Master of Addictions, Certified Triple P Provider

Michelle Drayton (Clay) is a native of Charleston, SC but has lived in Columbia for 29 years. She is a graduate of Webster University with a Masters in Counseling and her undergrad in Criminal Justice from The University of South Carolina (Columbia). She is currently working on a doctorate in the Advanced Studies of Human Behavior.


She has been she been providing counseling services to individuals, families, and groups for the past 15 years.  She has worked in the community for 20 plus years, doing home visits with families and helping them navigate resources in the community. Her work specializes in children to adults dealing with sexual trauma, depression, various anxiety disorders, and couples therapy. 


She has also counseled military war veterans suffering from PTSD and their families. She is a court-appointed Foster Care Advocate, a Certified Sports Psychology Coach, certified trainer for the South Carolina Center for Child Care Career Development, certified Triple P consultant,  Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor, Board Certified Telemental health provider, and a Certified Trauma Provider.  


When it comes to her clients, she utilizes Solution Focused Therapy. Michelle believes in helping her clients understand and navigate the healing process beginning with their first visit.  This therapy helps clients set targeted, realistic, and attainable goals that are more effective for producing behavioral change and a better quality of living. 


Clinical Director

Tamika is a well-respected and experienced Clinical Mental Health Counselor who can help you improve your relationships and build your self-esteem. She has a Master's Degree from Liberty University and a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies, and has over a decade of experience working with families and children. Tamika Specializes in 

Tamika has a special ability to help couples, and has been happily married for over 15 years. She has a wealth of knowledge and understanding to offer when it comes to building a strong and healthy relationship.

Tamika encourages self-esteem in people, and offers a holistic person-centered approach to therapy that is rooted in empowerment. She helps people identify their inner strengths to support growth, self-development, and inner healing. Tamika has worked as a Certified Medical Assistant at Baptist Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida and conducted counseling training in both Jacksonville and Columbia. In her free time,


Tamika enjoys yoga, nature walks, exercise, shopping and spending time with her family, including her beloved dog Polo. Tamika is a mother of three, who understands the importance of strong family bonds and is dedicated to helping others create positive, lasting changes in their relationships. She is excited to help new clients, and if you're looking for help with your relationships or self-esteem, schedule an appointment with Tamika today.


Brandi Palmer, LPC-A

Licensed Professional Counselor Associate

Brandi is a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate with a passion for helping individuals learn the tools, skills, and strategies they need to bring wellness, stability, and resiliency into their lives. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, a Master of Social Work, and an Educational Specialist in Counselor Education from the University of South Carolina.

Brandi approaches therapy in a holistic and empowering way, recognizing that each client is unique and their individual circumstances, wishes, and concerns should be respected. She offers both individual and group counseling for adolescents and adults, incorporating aspects of cognitive behavioral therapy and brief solution-focused therapy. Brandi has experience working with clients who have experienced trauma, depression, self-esteem issues, relationship issues, and challenges related to life transitions. She is familiar with the military lifestyle and enjoys working with a diverse clientele.

Brandi believes that counseling should be a collaborative process that requires time and commitment from both parties. She provides a supportive and safe environment where clients can explore growth and change and achieve their goals. If you are looking for a therapist who will work with you to support the changes and goals you want to achieve in your life, Brandi may be a good fit for you.

Doris Harrison, MA, LPCA

Licensed Professional Counselor Associate


Doris Harrison, MA, LPC-A, is a dedicated and experienced Licensed Professional Counselor-Associate based in Columbia, SC. With a rich background in counseling and a passion for helping individuals and families, Doris is committed to fostering optimal development and well-being for her clients.

With over 24 years of experience in the counseling field, Doris brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her practice. She holds a degree in Counseling from Webster University and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Newberry College. Doris specializes in developmental-behavioral counseling and diagnoses, with a particular focus on autism spectrum disorder and related disorders.

As a member of the prestigious Chi Sigma Iota Counseling Academic and Professional Honor Society International, Doris is dedicated to advancing the field of counseling through research, education, clinical care, and advocacy efforts. Her counseling approach emphasizes prevention, health management, and the application of research-based therapeutic approaches to address behavioral disorders and promote overall well-being.

At Emerge Counseling Services, Doris offers a range of services to meet the unique needs of her clients. These include depression and anxiety management, grief counseling, ADHD support, Autism Spectrum Disorder management, and family adjustment counseling. Additionally, Doris provides Autism Spectrum Disorder Training 101 to families, professionals, and para-professionals, empowering them with the knowledge and tools to better understand and support individuals on the spectrum. She also offers relationship and family counseling to help clients navigate and strengthen their interpersonal connections.

Doris is committed to providing convenient and accessible services to her clients. She offers both in-person and tele-mental health sessions, ensuring flexibility and convenience for individuals and families.

With a focus on mindfulness and inspiration, Doris encourages her clients to explore and understand their inner mental, emotional, and physical processes. By awakening to these internal workings, clients can achieve personal growth, emotional resilience, and overall well-being.

If you're seeking compassionate and effective counseling services, Doris Harrison is here to support you on your journey towards positive change and personal growth. Contact Doris today to schedule an appointment and take the first step towards a healthier and more fulfilling life.

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